Wednesday, 11 July 2012

My kids and I were watching a news show this morning (ok, it was just on the background - kids don't really watch the news) and they showed a brief clip of Cookie Monster singing to the song "Call Me Maybe". They were keen to jump up from the dining table and dance instead of finishing their breakfast so I told them if they finished eating and got ready quickly I would let them watch it on YouTube.

As soon as they were ready to leave I grabbed my trusty iPad and put the video on for them. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I found it in about 5 seconds flat.

This got me thinking to 'back in my day' (said in old lady's voice) when I would have to sit in front of the TV for hours waiting for my favourite songs to come on so I could record them on video or listen to the radio to record onto a cassette tape. (Wow - I feel really old!)

Kids are spoilt for choice these days. YouTube, iTunes, and millions of other websites out there mean that they have everything they want at their fingertips. Surely they don't appreciate a song as much as we did when it was so much harder to get.

How about you? Did you wait for hours or days just to record your favourite songs?